Before getting in contact with us, please first ensure that you are logged into your account.

If you face any difficulties when trying to login to your account or for whatever reason you find that your password reset link doesn't work, please use a Gmail account to set up your account with us. Using the Gmail platform is the best way to guarantee that you receive all of our emails/communication.

The only way to get in contact with us is currently through the online ticketing system as this is the only means of contact that is guaranteed to be secure.

We understand that mistakes can happen so we've made it as easy as possible for you to change your order should there be a mistake. All you need to do is place a new order. Our ordering facility removes and existing orders as soon as a new order has been placed.

This is the only means by which you can change your order details.

Don't worry, you're going to be kept completely in the loop about the progress of your order once it has been sent out. We'' provide you with shipping updates regularly via email and you can access your account any time for order updates in the order history section, too.

What makes us stand out from the crowd compared to other anabolic supplement suppliers is our passion for satisfaction. We're aware that purchasing steroids online can be an anxiety inducing process which is why we take extreme care to produce only the highest grade products at all times.

Every item that leaves our laboratory has been stringently batch tested to guarantee optimum purity. This means that you'll always achieve the results you want without encountering any nasty side effects in the process, and all for a fair price.

We only offer our products directly from our website. If you'd like to place an order for any of the items available in our online store you simply need to add them to your basket, then proceed to the checkout area.

Once in the checkout area, follow the on screen instructions and fill in all of the information correctly. Once this has been done and your order request sent, you simply need to login to your account and fill in a payment information form.

Nothing could be more important than protecting our customers personal details when they order from us and this is an aspect of our confidential service that we've always taken very seriously. To guarantee maximum security when shopping with us, we've ensured that our site is SSL-HTTPS secure.

This is the highest degree of security you can find when using any online site and a level of protection that many other online anabolic retailers simply don't provide for their customers. We like to go the extra mile.

We take great pride in being able to say that we ship to all countries Internationally. This means that you can access our products regardless of where you are located.

Package seizure is absolutely possible and we wouldn't want to pretend that it's never going to happen. What you'll be pleased to know, however, is that the chances of this happening are very low. It's all dependent on where you're located.

We've compiled a list of percentages to represent the risk of your package being seized when it is being shipped to certain areas of the world. Though these figures are only guidelines they are still very accurate:

    ·         Packages sent to Dubai, Qatar, Europe and the USA have NO risk of seizure occurring
    ·         Packages being shipped to Japan have a 15% chance of being seized in transit
    ·         Packages being shipped to South Korea, Australia, Canada and Switzerland have a 30% chance of being seized in transit

We appreciate that the above list doesn't provide percentage calculations for every area of the world. If you'd like us to provide you with a seizure risk percentage and you live outside of any of the above areas, please simply get in touch with us using the online ticketing system.

We'll be all too happy to provide you with some guidance.

We don't have a minimum order requirement in place meaning that you can place an order of any size on our site. We appreciate that some customers may only want single items or to try out our products before placing larger orders.

At different stages of the order completion process you're going to see a different message displayed. This message represents how close your order is to being sent out to you.

The different statuses you can expect to find are as follows:

    ·         Awaiting payment info / pending: We're still waiting for the payment information for your order (you'll need to provide this using the payment information form)
    ·         Withdrawing money: We're currently in the process of withdrawing money from your bank account to pay for your order
    ·         Awaiting Bank Wire: We've completed the withdrawal request and we're waiting for the funds to be transferred from your bank account and into ours
    ·         Semi-Shipped: Not all of the items that you have ordered are currently available, therefore we have shipped part of your order. If a large number of the items you have ordered (the majority of your order) aren't available, we shall delay shipping until the rest of your items are back in stock
    ·         Shipped: We've received payment for your order and it has been successfully shipped. You can find all of the relevant tracking information in your account area, or via email
    ·         Payment Information Wrong: The payment information that you sent us using the online order form is wrong and we haven't been able to take payment. Please update your payment information with the correct details and re send the payment information form to us.


We want to make ordering with us as easy as possible so we've ensured that we're able to offer three different payment methods to cater for everybody.

Our current payment options are:

    ·         WesternUnion: You'll need to spend $350 or more in a single order to be able to use WesternUnion as a payment method. Please note that paying via this method may lead to delays in your order dispatch date due to it being a more complicated payment process.

    ·         Bitcoin: We prefer that all of our customers use BitCoin wherever possible. Using this method will always ensure that your order is processed as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

    ·         MoneyGram: There are no special stipulations in place when using MoneyGram. Orders placed using this method will be processed faster than with Western Union but slightly slower than with Bitcoin.

These are currently the only payment methods we offer. We hope you understand that due to the sensitive nature of our products and services, we need to use specialized payment methods to guarantee discretion for our customers and ourselves.

We're not able to offer any other payment methods due to the highly sensitive nature of our products. This means that card payments or payments via PayPal aren't possible. We understand that this will serve as an inconvenience for some, but it should also prove that we are a legitimate company.

You should never order anabolic products online from a retailer who offers card payments, as they are unlikely to be legitimate.

Even though you may have sent a payment through to us, we won't be aware that a payment has been made or the order that it relates to without you completing a payment information form for us.

You can find the payment information form in the orders section of your account. Make sure that you fill in all of the information as accurately as possible to avoid any delays ocurring.

WesternUnion (For Orders Of $350+):

Unfortunately, WesternUnion is quite a complicated platform to use meaning that it takes quite a lot of additional time for us to process payments using this option. WesternUnion also involves additional fees.

By placing a minimum order amount of $350 for WesternUnion orders, we're simply ensuring that the additional administration time and fees that we incur are worthwhile to the business.

WesternUnion has been used as a payment method for decades and is a great option for making International transactions. In order to make use of WesternUnion you simply need to send funds using one of their allocated paypoints.

You can find a list of WesternUnion pay point locations online, and we'll also provide you with the details of which paypoint to send your funds to when placing an order with us depending on your location.

As we're always changing our list of receiver locations this means that you're going to have to be prompt when it comes to making your WesternUnion payment. We have a maximum time limit of 48 hours for receiving funds when this option is used before your order is cancelled.

We don't accept any form of payment via the WesternUnion online payment option. Should you place an order and send funds through to us using this method then your order will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Any payments sent using this option are also likely to be blocked. This means that it could take several days for the funds to be sent back into your account, thus delaying any potential duplicate orders being made.

Yes, this is possible. We have no issue with someone making a WesternUnion payment on your behalf but it's important to understand that we will be unable to process your order if you don't make us aware of who the individual sending your funds through is.

You're going to need to put their details on the payment information form when sending it through to us, otherwise the order name will not match up and we will be forced to cancel your order.

This is a fairly common occurrence when using WesternUnion due to an inbuilt safety feature that kicks in when a receiver has withdrawn too many funds. If your payment reads as being blocked, then don't panic.

We'll always ensure that in these instances we update your account to say that the payment information is incorrect before sending you an email with further instructions about how to proceed.

Bitcoin (Our Preferred Payment Method):

BitCoin has become one of the fastest growing and most popular online payment methods. It is a virtual currency format that provides senders and receivers with maximum security and total anonymity.

This makes it a perfect payment solution for online anabolic distributors as it provides all of the essential elements needed for a smooth/safe customer to business relationship. is our preferred distributor of BitCoin. You can easily secure BitCoin from this website by paying for your preferred quantity with a bank card of your choosing.

When completing your order you'll be asked which payment method you'd prefer to use in order to make successful payment for your order. Make sure that you select BitCoin if this is your preferred method. Following this, we'll provide you with all of the details you need to be able to send us your payment.

Provided that you have enough available BitCoin located in your BitCoin wallet to be able to cover th monetary value of your order, then this will lead to a successful transaction when you provide us with your BitCoin wallet information on the payment information form.

Please note that we do not under any circumstances accept BitCoin cash as a payment method. Should you decide to use this option this will result in your order being cancelled and a total loss of funds transferred.

It's absolutely vital that you login to your account and fill in the payment information form so that we know that your funds have been sent through to us and which order they relate to. If you don't fill in the payment information form, we will simply have no idea that a payment has been made.

You'll need to adhere to the following areas if you'd like to successfully process payment for your order using BitCoin:

    ·         What Is The Name Of The Person Who Paid For The Order? You'll need to enter the full name of the person making payment for the order including any of their middle names.

    ·         Which Country Do You Live In? This is where you need to enter the country of residence for the person who is making the payment.

    ·         MTCH Code Or Blockchain ID Or HASH: This is where you need to paste the Blockchain ID or HASH. For assistance with getting either, please use the below information:

·         If you're using a Coinbase wallet then use this information to access your ID.

·         If you're using a wallet then use this information to access your ID.

    ·         Exact Amount Of BitCoin That We Should Expect To Receive (You Must Always State The Exact Amount Of BitCoin Being Sent Through To Us): An example would be 0.04652 BTC. Please don't write the value in dollars because we are already aware what the equivalent dollar value should be.

    ·         Which Receiver Have Your Funds Been Transferred Through To? (You'll Only Need To Fill In This Section If You're Using Western Union As Your Payment Method): You simply need to list the specific receiver that you sent your funds through to when making a payment at a Western Union pay point. This section is irrelevant unless you have decided to pay via Western Union.

    ·         Special Or Additional Comments: Should you have any further information that you feel may be relevant to us successfully completing your order then please put it in this section and we'll do our best to understand and meet your requirements.

Shipping & Delivery:

We know this may be frustrating for you to hear, but unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to lengthy shipping delays across the world. This means that your order may be delayed due to no fault of ours.

In order for an item to be classed as missing within the postal service for your chosen country, it must have been in transit for 65 or more days.

you can check on the status of your shipment at any time using

We're unable to assist with shipping issues/queries in relation to lost items within the 65 day period stated above. This is simply because we will also be given the same answer should we make enquiries on your behalf.

Once the 65 day period has elapsed, please get in contact with us via the online ticketing system as we will be all too happy to help.

We know that our customers value their privacy which is why we always ensure that we safeguard it at all times. Our company name is never mentioned anywhere on your package or its contents, nor is there any information visible about what's inside of the package.

We have several shipping facilities located across North America and the European Union. We're unable to provide specific shipping facility location details due to the sensitive nature of our products.

We always aim to piece together your order and dispatch it from one of our shipping locations within a 48 hour period. We take great pride in our prompt service.
ETA is up to 31 days (usually 2-3 weeks).
We'd like to highlight that the above time frames are only estimates.

Though they are usually accurate estimates, please bear in mind that once your package is in the hands of the designated courier for your area the speed in which your courier delivers your package is entirely out of our control.

After your order status has been updated to shipped, you must then wait for the maximum upper time limit of 65 days to elapse before raising a ticket to say that you think your order may have gone missing within the postal system.

Ordinarily, if an item was in transit for 31 days this would likely indicate that it had been lost. The increase in time limit is simply due to the worldwide pandemic.

We always put a flat shipping fee of $20 in place for every single order that is made with us. This means that it is always more cost effective to place larger orders and purchase all of the items necessary for your next cycle at once with us.

Our customers can receive the most up to date tracking information for their order by heading to and using their online status update system. Alternatively, you can always log in to your account on our website in order to view the latest status update for your purchase once it has been dispatched.

Sometimes errors are made when sending tracking number information through. If you don't notice any status updates for between 1-2 business days then this could indicate that your tracking number is incorrect.

After two days have elapsed without there being an update, please get in contact with us using our online ticketing system and we'll be all too happy to help.

Due to all of our orders being shipped with a tracking number by default this means that they will need to be signed for on delivery.

If you wish for your item to be shipped without a tracking number then you can request this via the payment information form in the special comments section. Once you have done this we will ensure that your item is dispatched without a tracking number and therefore will not need to be signed for.

Any order shipped without a tracking number will be exempt from our reshipping policy.

Issues And Reshipping Policies:

We're really keen to ensure that all of your items are packaged safely and securely. Your custom is incredibly important to us and we hope that you continue to use us for years to come.

Whenever a customer receives a package from us, the first thing they should do is take a picture of the package exterior. Once they have done this, they may then open the package. Should any of the contents then be damaged another picture of the interior should be taken.

Please note that unless a picture of the package exterior has been taken prior to opening the box then you will not be able to return your order, even if the contents are damaged.

Should you follow the above steps and your order arrives in a damaged state, this means that you will then be able to return your items. Please raise a support ticket with us via the website following which we'll be able to assist you further.

It's imperative that all customers take the time to fill in the correct information when completing their order and sending through information using the payment information form. Any order not received due to incorrect information being entered will not be refunded.

The nature of our business dictates that we must use a fictitious returns address to ensure a total lack of traceability.

In instances where packages are returned this will result in the total loss of the order value. Any item shipped to a business address is not covered by our reshipping policy under any circumstances.

Usually the post office will hold your order for a period of between 15-20 days once they have attempted a delivery. It's important to understand that you are fully responsible for ensuring that you are available to take delivery of your order.

In instances where a period of longer than 20 days have elapsed and you have been unable to pick up your item, this will result in your order being exempt from our reshipping policy, even if you acquire your items at a later date and find them to be damaged.

We must be strict with time frames at all times due to the sensitive nature of our business. No exceptions can be made.

For the most up to date shipping information please adhere to our new pandemic guidelines (found in the shipping delays during the covid 19 pandemic section) for the most accurate delivery information.

Even though we would usually ask you to raise a ticket if an item hadn't been delivered for a period of 20-30 days under normal circumstances, these time frames have changed considerable to issues regarding the coronavirus.

It's quite common for there to be no delivery updates due to bad weather for periods of 15 days or more at times. As such, we request that you do not raise a ticket until a period of 25 days has elapsed.

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Should your items no longer be required we will be all too happy to issue you with some store credit to the value of your original order, however.

We're sadly not able to cover all countries as part of our re-ship policy.

We can't cover the following countries in the event of a package seizure at present:

·         Canada

·         Denmark

·         Norway

·         Singapore

·         New Zealand

·         Sweden

·         Australia

·         Faroe Islands

·         Iceland

·         Finland
We welcome orders from anybody living in these areas both now and in the future, but we're unable to guarantee that your item will arrive safely at this point in time.


Our products are sent outside the EU, which means EU customers will be paying taxes for the goods you order. This is due to new laws implented in the EU - starting from the 1st of July 2021.